Reminiscing 2016

To be honest I woke up from being ill, and looked at my phone and it was only then I realized that it was the last day of 2016. I find the end of every year a bit rough as it is normally very busy and chaotic. Right now feels like any other day to me. Hopefully looking forward to better days ahead.

Without completely boring you, here is short list of some of my 2016 highlights. Here they are in no particular order and not all work related:

  • Meeting Donna and Karis after years of keeping contact with them.
  • Taking time to improve my business skills with IA4S mastermind group, and applying them. I love learning, growing and seeing the progress in me personally.
  • Teaming up and taking pictures with Women Run Strong. Each and every women that I met was an inspiration of determination and kindness.
  • Having my first toddler photo shoot. Loved the challenge and would like to do more in the New Year.
  • Meeting up with my friend from Canada Annette. It seemed like no time has passed when we get together.
  • Trip to Aberdeen to take photographs for the now Mr. and Mrs. Stephens. It was pure joy to spend time with them and their family. Congrats again.
  • Seeing the colourful scenes of the Gay Pride Parade.
  • Wondering the damp streets of the Edinburgh Fringe. So many shows. So little time.
  • Having my nephew visit me for the first time on his own. He really is turning into a fine young man.
  • Performing a couple of gigs at the Fringe. It  was nice to keep a foot in the comedy door and see people improve in the craft.
  • Planning the wild west photo shoot and having only 2 people show up. Business wise it was a pure fail, but personally the most fun I have had in a while.
  • My favorite non work related highlight was getting engaged to Ross in July. Will be looking forward to planning the wedding for May 2018.

This year has confirmed it is so much easier to sell/share things I am are passionate about then the forced selling of things/ideas that I really do not believe in. It is also alright to just be myself.

I really hope that you will have a Happy New Year and have the bravery to try new things. Looking forward to our new adventures together.

Love from,

Genevieve Cytko

Owner of Crossing Parallels Photography



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