In July of this year I got engaged to a wonderful man. On the day we went for burgers and then went for a walk, where we ended up in Princess Street Garden where he popped the question. It was a noisy proposal as we didn’t realize that the music festival was on, and right above us was the parade. We joked that they put the parade on just for us as we joined the crowd to watch. To us it was a magical day.

We are still very much in love and last week decided to take our engagement pictures in our backyard. Now being the photographer that I am, I decided I would set up the camera, and the shots up all by myself. Once the camera was set I would put on the timer and run into the shot. Some of the pictures were a bit off, while others were really funny. In the end we got a few photos that we liked. Most of all we had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot and spending time together.

Here are a few pictures from our engagement shoot. I hope you like them.



Yes he did goose me. 





If you are a fun couple, and would like me to capture your personality in photo form please email infocrossingparallels@gmail.com. Of course your pictures will look better than mine, because you will not be constantly running into the shot. Lets start capturing good memories.



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