How do I make people feel beautiful?

Hello My Lovelies,

As a photographer I meet so many people who really do not like having their picture taken because they think they look ugly. In truth they are not ugly.  They compare themselves to another and the ideals that person might possess, even if those ideals are not correct.

The truth is I can’t make anyone feel beautiful, as it has to come from within. All I can do is encourage a person to see themselves in a new point of view.

The best part of my job is being able to meet people and make them feel comfortable in their own skin. I take my time with them. Sometimes we go for a walk or go for a coffee before a photo session until I know the person is relaxed. As we work together I will ask what don’t you like about having your picture taken? When they answer I will listen, and depending on the answer I will try and remove that issue from the situation. Sometimes it is like a good therapy session.

It is amazing that words can be so powerful. On a couple occasions I have met women that do not like themselves due to what a family, a partner, or a friend has said to them repeatedly in a negative manner. That idea is ingrained in their mind, and their confidence gets knocked. It can be hard to convince them that is not true. I understand where they are coming from because in the past I have dealt with the same situation, of hearing negative words. The more you hear something the more you tend to believe it. That is why when I see someone struggling I tell them something positive about them. The more they hear a compliment the more I hope their confidence will grow, and that they will believe it.

Photography for me is not just pictures, it is an opportunity to make someones day. I want the person I am working with to feel that is was a joyful experience, and one that they would want to repeat in the future. Many of my clients have turned into friends over the years. Some business types might frown upon this as business should stay business, and a personal life and friends should be separate.  Then again I have never fit the mold of what people think I should be or do. That is why I work for myself.

Life is hard at the best of times, so just respect your fellow humans as you don’t know what they are dealing with. Just remember that a simple smile or hello can make someones day. Compliment people when you can.



Genevieve Cytko

Crossing Parallels Photography




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