Tips for hiring a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a big deal, and that is why it is important to do your research before you book anything especially a photographer. There are many types of styles of photography and maybe one style is more to your liking than another. Here is some advice for anyone wanting to hire a photographer for their big day:

  • Look around/ ask around – It is always good to look and ask around when hiring a photographer. This will give you options and ideas on what you would like your day to look like. Word of mouth is also a good way to know if a photographer has the skills or not. Bad word of mouth will travel faster than a good word.
  • Meet the photographer for a free consultation – It is always wise to meet the photographer before the wedding as you will be spending a lot of your day with them. In the consultation you should be able to ask as many questions as you like. The photographer in return will ask a lot of questions back. The more preparation you do with the photographer the easier the day will be. If you find you are not hitting it off with the photographer don’t hire them.
  • Do they have insurance? – Make sure that the photographer has liability insurance. If something happens to your photographs you need to know that you will be compensated somehow.
  • Are they free for your date? – Before you get too excited make sure the photographer is free for that date. You would be surprised at how many people go to a consultation, not contact the photographer right after, even thought they want to hire the photographer. They might leave it a few days and then find another couple has swooped in and taken their date. If you know you want that photographer book them as soon as possible. Summer dates book up really fast.
  • Bride on a Budget – If you are a Bride on a budget and you can not afford a fancy wedding photography package with all the additional sparkles,  may I suggest you talk to a portrait photographer. Many photographers that I have met or have worked with are more than happy to work out a deal that both parties will be happy with. Maybe you don’t need the photographer for the whole day? In my experience as a photographer some brides only want the ceremony, group shots, and the speeches. The rest of the pictures will be the ones donated from family and friends.

If you are interested in hiring Crossing Parallels Photography for your wedding photographs please email


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