I am not a big fan of the modern selfie craze, but that being said I have taken a selfie or two. When I am traveling alone and want to prove that I have been somewhere, or if I am trying out a photography trick on my camera then I will occasionally take a selfie. Then my selfies are amazing with the self timer, good lighting, and myself being all dolled up. Never mind a selfie stick when I have a tripod. My selfies will put yours to shame.

The thing that bothers me the most are bathroom selfies.  If you have a mirror in the restroom, flip your camera round so it is facing you and look into the mirror to line up your image, and focus it on yourself and not the toilet behind you. Also the camera will not be in the shot and will look more impressive, unless you are me and want the camera as a feature.

Here are some of my fave self portraits that I have taken of myself. I like my eyes so I tend to focus on them the most.

kit bwcameramaskblueBW facebwmekitlinmebeachgenray


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