Testimonials for Crossing Parallels Photography

Fantastic, personal service, with a very fast turnaround on providing us with the finished pictures and all at a reasonable cost. Genevieve really listened to what we were looking for and provided insight into what would improve our ideas, the finished photos were great! – Amy Ranaldi (Sugar Daddy’s Bakery)

Dear Genevieve,

Thank you so much for taking such goergous photos on our wedding day. You did such a fantastic job and we now have the memories of the day to cherish for years to come! All the best, Catherine, and Alastair.

It’s a real pleasure to work with Genevieve, her gentle style and presence made it easy for my client and myself to relax in front of the camera.

The result was a series of photo’s that not only told a story, they also captured the uplifting mood of the session.

All this was achieved in the spur of the moment and delivered to me the very next day.

I highly recommend Genevieve’s work for any of your marketing projects, as she really gets where you are coming from and delivers! -Linda Barr (founder of Vivacious Faces, helping you to look younger for longer, naturally)

Genevieve delivered the pictures edited and ready to use within a few hours following the shoot. During the session she was receptive to my input and matched this with just the right amount of creative direction to make for a successful session that provided many excellent shots to choose from. I would recommend Genevieve’s services to anyone looking for a photographer that can capture a person in their natural expression. – Z.H.

I met Gen at an Edinburgh Business Networking Club. I booked her gifted and professional skills to take my photo for my personal and business profile on Facebook. I’ve got 100 likes in less than 24 hours. Gen went above &, beyond the call of duty and she is awesome! – Nollaig Robertson (Robbo’s Rave on Avon)

Genevieve knows how to get the best out of a person on a photo shoot. She took pictures for my social media profiles and proved to be very adaptable, with strong ideas for shot composition. Most of all she put me at ease and made the session relaxed and enjoyable. She also delivered the pick of the photos very promptly. I would highly recommend Genevieve to anyone seeking professional portrait shots. – Claire Brotherton (A Bright Clear Web)

I loathe having my photo taken as never like how I look, until photographed by this talented woman. It’s really worth it I promise ! – Shirley Thomson.

I’d like to recommend Genevieve for her fantastic photography skills. She is very creative and gave great suggestions and produced the photography to match the ideas. Genevieve is great at putting her subjects at ease to get the best results. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Genevieve again and would happily recommend her. – Lorna Walls ( Accurate Organiser)

If you want photographs for your business that look natural, genuine and truly represents you, and not some corporate cookie cutter image, you need to contact Genevieve Cytko. Genevieve has a real skill at making you feel at ease, so much so that you can even forget you’re being photographed. I’m really pleased with the results and have had great feedback from clients. – Jan Southern (Flow)

As someone who entirely hates having their photo taken I have to say this was completely painless, and actually very enjoyable!! Gen just let us go off for a wander and caught some lovely moments. Many thanks again! – Jay Miles

“Great images” and “Powerfully moving photography.” – Sandy Burman (Gilded Balloon)

“..If such an event occurs she would be the first person I would ask. She has a great eye for detail and timing.” – Jenneke Cranston (Comedy organizer at The Old Chain Pier)

Pictures were sent to me straight after the event. Very fast service. – Rory McAlpine (Promoter of Pandamonium)

She is friendly and creative to work with, and has a great sense of humour. I was very happy with the photos she took. Gen is a great person to work and collaborate with. – Jona Xhepa

Photo taken by Ray Fordyce

Genevieve at work Photo taken by Ray Fordyce


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