Introduction to Crossing Parallels Photography

I Genevieve Cytko, owner of Crossing Parallels Photography have decided to do away with the expensive website, and try to meet a new client base through this blog. This is going to be an interesting challenge for me. Hopefully we humans will be able to connect better. This will be an opportunity to show you current projects, ideas, share information and the occasional story.

As a business I want to make everyone feel welcome, and to treat them the same way I would want to be treated. To convert those who hate having their picture taken, to someone who enjoys the experience. Frankly that is the best part of my job, meeting a client, getting to know them, and once I know they are relaxed letting the moments just happen. No studio, and no boundaries.

Having had a retail past, I really hate the hard sell of add on’s when I know you don’t need or can afford them. Any rudeness, I can’t be doing with it. Digital photographs are sent to my clients through email. That way the images can be used right away, and there are no high overhead costs. I AM MY BUSINESS! I AM PROUD OF MY BUSINESS!

As for a mini history of Crossing Parallels, well it was born out of the fact there was no work, and I was truly sick of rejection. Being a part-time comedian I started to take pictures at gigs, and from that grew a business. Two years on and hoping to continue.

I have always taken pictures, and for a short time studied film at the Film Arts and Video Association (FAVA) in Edmonton. Now I am based in Edinburgh Scotland which is where I truly want to be.

Welcome Everyone! If you would like to get in touch to book a session:


Twitter: CParallels

Facebook: Crossing Parallels Photography

Let the new adventures begin.

Genevieve Cytko

Crossing Parallels

This is Genevieve Cytko owner of Crossing Parallels

This is Genevieve Cytko
owner of Crossing Parallels


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